We help you through all aspects in an administratively difficult country

Casa Due is an advisory and rental company that offers advice on buying and investing in properties, as well as facility management, property management and rentals in Italy.

We have assembled a team of experts, both in Denmark and Italy, who offer a safe path to ownership of Italian properties - This applies to both private properties and investment properties.

Casa Due

Casa Due was founded by Nicoletta Ambrogio and Kim Due. Through the Ambrogio family and our personal network, we have access to a team of Italian lawyers, surveyors, local administrative key persons, bank connections, good teams of craftsmen in Italy - as well as advisers in Denmark who are specialists in tax rules and co-ownership contracts for properties in Italy

We have put this team together to offer "One point contact" for the purchase, investment, operation and rental of properties in Italy.

Facility service, property management

We are based in Piedmont and here we also offer facility service and property management, i.e. ensure that the property, garden, pool are always maintained and the property is cleaned upon arrival and possibly change in connection with rental.

Property investment opportunities

There are good opportunities to acquire well-run hotels and agritourisms, beautiful villas with great rental potential.

As part of our team, we have experienced hotel management companies that can both verify the potential of a hotel and possibly be responsible for the day-to-day running of the hotel. 

We have e.g. started an investment project – based on tourism rental of Villa in Monforte, Barolo. We will open for letting in May 2023 - Read more about the project here here

The villa is beautifully situated with a fantastic view of the vineyards.

We are therefore looking for more investors who want to own a house or apartment in Monforte - where we have a few exciting opportunities on hand.

The dream house in Italy

In special cases, we are happy to help guide you or a couple of families through the acquisition of properties in Italy. We are looking for customers who are happy to pay to be carried safely from start to finish. We will only be active in areas where our Italian network can stamp all necessary contacts to carry out a smooth process. In some cases, we invest in the project ourselves - if we can see a future business. 

It is a slow business concept - where we spend time preparing you for the Italian culture, both through project presentation evenings in Denmark, personal visits to your own homes and through inspection trips. 

We believe that all trust must be mutual!

About ourselves

In 2007, Nicoletta and I found each other and we quickly started a family. We have a daughter together, Smilla, 12 years old. For 15 years we have lived in Piedmont – just outside Turin in a small village. I am a trained structural engineer, but for many years I have run a travel and event agency ( Nicoletta has also run the event agency with great success – and built a brand in Turin. In addition, the family owns a transport and logistics company

Over the past 25 years, our contact surface and business integrity have created a strong network, which we are now putting into play.

We identify projects that match investors' preferences.

Contact us by mail at or tel. +45 2817 7789

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